Quality of Service


POM® creates highly configurable solutions to improve recovery of our clients’ outstanding receivable. Our quality control measures enable management to track program performance at the agent and account level, ensuring no opportunity to improve recoveries is overlooked.  Through these proven methods POM®  delivers Peace Of Mind® to our clients.  


Agent Standards

Agents are managed to ensure regulatory compliance as well as compliance with company policy on contact attempts per hour, accounts worked per day, and the quality of documentation of activities. Agents are given monthly performance goals, with incentives in various categories to maximize performance. Monthly bonus opportunities and other bonuses help motivate agents to continuously improve performance.


Portfolio Reviews

Management reviews performance on batches of accounts monthly to ensure portfolios liquidate at rates competitive with or better than industry or regional norms, based on the many characteristics that affect your portfolio. Management audits a representative sample of accounts on a client-by-client and portfolio-by-portfolio basis to ensure quality.


Operations Audits

Management audits a representative sample of accounts randomly. This audit yields additional opportunities to ensure quality. These quality control measures are supplemented by systematic controls in the form of business rules programmed into our accounts receivable management system, which sets parameters for specific activities for each portfolio. 


Agent Compliance Training

Employees are trained by using interactive training videos for FDCPA, HIPAA, and general collections, these self-paced courses are offered by ACA  International. In our fast paced,  ever changing industry POM recognizes that ongoing education and training are essential to the retention and development of our staff.