POM® serves the needs of nearly every type of creditor, from healthcare providers and government entities to commercial creditors, banks and retail organizations. POM® offers the following services.

First and third-party billing

Early out services

Third-party collection



Each client at POM® is treated as a unique partner. Our boutique approach provides tailor-made service for your organization. We work with your team to identify your needs and goals. A detailed plan is outlined pursuant to your specifications and designed to yield maximum returns. 

Health Care


POM®  provides a team of experienced agents who are cross-trained within every payer class. Our account resolution specialists are trained to identify insurance payment  related  issues. We provide detailed co-pay, co-insurance and deductible balances to your patients. 

"How can we help" is our motto. 

We invite you to experience the difference POM has to offer.

Medical Billing


POM’s®  staff of dedicated medical billers optimize the management of your claims though the use of our custom software. We are able to prioritize claims based on filing limit, balance, No-Fault or Workers’ Compensation etc. ensuring prompt reimbursement. 

Our proven results have secured POM®  as the billing partner of choice for our clients.



POM®  has decades of experience in helping financial institutions just like yours meet revenue goals while providing superior customer service. POM can provide tailored solutions that meet your specifications to bring your team Peace of Mind®. 

Whatever your debt collection need, POM can provide the services you desire. 



POM®  offers government agencies Peace of Mind® with strategic planning, state-of-the-art technology and total adherence to all regulations. Our goal is to recover your debt while reducing delinquencies. 

Our team vows to successfully execute your customized collection program to yield the best returns possible.



We offer full service employment staffing. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our clients by meeting their short term operation needs and long term strategic staffing plans. And our innovative HR technology, human insight and expertise allow our clients to focus on their business priorities.   POM’s   experienced recruiters are trained to match the exact qualifications your team demands.